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National News

8 January 2019

Belaruskali makes record high amount of fertilizers in 2018

In 2018 Belaruskali made a record high volume of fertilizers – over 12 million tonnes, BelTA learned from the company’s website.

For the first time on record Belaruskali made over 12 million tonnes of high-quality mineral fertilizers per year, the company’s Director General Ivan Golovaty said.

The executive also talked about investment projects and innovative projects, which implementation will open new prospects for the company. Belaruskali has started building a factory to make potassium nitrate together with the Chinese company Migao. “In addition to making innovative products for our company, it will make import-substituting products for Belarus,” explained Ivan Golovaty.

The investment project to build the Petrikov mining and processing factory is nearing completion: a producing horizon of potash salts in the new mine field was reached on 17 December 2018. The sinking of the first shaft and the second one is supposed to be finished in February. “I am convinced that work to tune the factory’s equipment’s operation under load will begin in December 2019. The new factory will take three years to reach the [designed] output capacity, raising the output every year,” said Ivan Golovaty.

The development of existing mines will rely on the development of new producing horizons. On the whole, the program on developing Belaruskali’s ore reserves allows one to believe that the reserves of Belarusian potash salts will last for at least 120 years.

Belaruskali will continue paying close attention to the development of the social sphere – not only in Soligorsk District but also in the town of Petrikov where four residential buildings and a hall of residence will be commissioned in 2019. Taking into account the houses that have been already built the number of apartments for workers of the Petrikov mining and processing factory will make 434. Thus, 70-80% of the workers will have homes in the early stage of the new factory's life. There are plans to commission a new children daycare center by September 2020. An accomplishment and beautification program has been developed for Petrikov District. Belaruskali will donate money for this purpose.

Plans have been made to reconstruct the second bedroom wing of the Berezka sanatorium in Soligorsk in 2019. The construction of a new children daycare center has also begun.